From Interpretations to Reports Effortlessly


Voice2Report facilitates radiology reporting using advanced speech recognition technology. Radiologists only need to talk about their pathological observations; the application efficiently transforms these verbal inputs into detailed, structured radiology reports with just one click.



Radiologists simply interpret their findings out-loud, while assessing radiological images.


Voice2Report uses the latest speech recognition technology to accurately transcribe spoken words into text real-time.


Voice2Report automatically transforms this information into a structured radiology report.



Voice2Report enables radiologists to complete reports in minutes instead of hours, reducing report creation time by up to 70%.


Using advanced speech recognition, Voice2Report achieves an accuracy rate of over 98% in transcribing radiological observations into text, minimizing errors.


With Voice2Report, radiologists can handle up to 50% more cases daily, significantly increasing departmental efficiency and productivity.



Flawless Speech Recognition

Voice2Report uses advanced speech recognition technology to convert verbal observations of radiologists into text seamlessly.


Smart Report Structuring

Unlike other dictation applications, it not only converts voice to text but also transforms it into an appropriate structured format.


Seamless System Integration

Optimized to work smoothly and quickly on your existing servers.



Customizable system architecture tailored to the needs of your organization.


Multi-Language Support

Can perform the conversion from voice recording in one language to a report in another language.


Secure and Compliant

Ensures high-level data security and compliance with healthcare regulations.

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