Let Your Doctors Focus on Your Patients withAutoNote


AutoNote leverages AI to transform patient record-keeping. With just a touch of a button, doctors can effortlessly activate our system, which intelligently categorizes dialogue into sections like Chief Complaint, History of Complaint, Medical History, and, integrating thesedirectly into the Electronic Health Record system. This process not only streamlines documentation but also enhances accuracy and efficiency. AutoNote represents the future of medical records, combining innovation with simplicity to improve the healthcare experience for both practitioners and patients.



The doctor examines the patient without the need for manual note-taking.


Detects clinically valuable information from the dialogue.


Ensures the entry of information into the electronic health record system.



You save 80% on personnel costs for medical documentation.


Provides the opportunity for at least 3 extra patients per day per doctor.


You save 95% on documentation time.



Real-Time Documentation

Creates documentation during the examination without requiring intervention and guidance.


Flawless Speech Recognition

Transcribes voices perfectly without being affected by background noises and accents.



Optimized to work smoothly and quickly on your existing servers.



Designed for adaptability and development for different needs.


EHR Integration

Directly fills in appropriate places in the Electronic Health Record system.

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